Happy Anniversary…. to MommyNeurotic!


Well well… has it really been a year already? Oh my.

I know I’ve been a bit on the busy side the past couple months and slacking… but for those of you who still stop by and refer to the many schedule samples, diaper logs, etc… THANK YOU!

On another note: I’m excited to say that I FINALLY joined the Instagram world. ( I was holding out for a long time because being my neurotic self, I knew that IG would be another thing to consume me – just like Facebook and Pinterest) In any case, I’ve found it to be a fun place to post random daily happenings, mommy life, my life, and the photographer in me is obsessed with it now! Follow me @my.lsd

As I sit in on my one year anniversary of this blog, I reflect on the many posts I have put up on here and chuckle at some of my rantings… but filled with warmth amongst the other posts that document my journey in parenthood.

Thank you for celebrating with me! Cheers to the next year coming!


3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary…. to MommyNeurotic!

  1. Ooh, you’ve got me thinking about Instagram… I’ve been toying with the idea myself. Now I have someone to lookup when I go to check it out! Congratulations on year one! 🙂

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