So I’m an ENTJ Parent….


Hi. My name is Linh and I’m an ENTJ. And a damn strong “J” while I’m at it! Yikes!

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicators have been largely written about and studied. There are 16 different combinations of “types” that you can fall into. These are based on 4 different scales, each with two opposites preferences. Together the 4 main preferences (letters) create your “type” combination and help you understand yourself and how you interact with others.

So I was just browsing around online and stumbled across David Markley’s website on personality and further found his section on the specific types that was SPOT ON regarding what being an ENTJ is about. I seriously read it and felt like I was looking in the mirror.  In reading this, he goes on to discuss what an ENTJ parent is like:

“As a parent, an ENTJ will be thoroughly in charge, and the children will know
what is expected of them – and will be expected to obey. When this does not
occur, an ENTJ parent is not apt to make a scene; rather, there is more likely
to be a low-key, firm issuance of reprimand and taking-for-granted of immediate
obedience. While both mating and parenting are roles of importance to the ENTJ,
they are to some degree preempted by the ENTJ’s strong career interest. The
romantic dream and the quest for the ideal mate is usually not a characteristic
of this type. ENTJs generally do, however, expect a home to be attractive,
well-ordered, with meals served punctually and maintenance accomplished on
schedule – all these in the service of the larger goal of creating a family
system where children are reared to be productive and healthy and establishing a
devoted, harmonious relationship between man and woman.”

Wow. Ok. So what insight does this give me? Isn’t it a good thing that my children know what is expected of them and that home-life is a well-ordered family system? Well, shoot. I’m an ENTJ so I’m going to say yes because this is in description of MY personality type, which in this case, the parenting and household ball is in MY court. My husband took the test and came up an ENTJ as well (differing percentages, but same type) – WHEW. Thank goodness because if he were off the charts opposite of my scale preferences, then we’d be having some serious parenting issues.

I think what I am interested in finding out now, is what are the personality types of kids of ENTJ parents? Do they grow up sick of the “J” lifestyle that they run as far away from it is possible and become “P” adults? Or does it breed for another wave of future “J’s”? Goodness, this can go further into the whole topic of Nature vs. Nurture because then I wonder how much an ENTJ household has influence over a child’s personality type? *sigh* This topic can go on forever.

Anyhow. More to think about.

What “type” parent are you? Take the test and find out!


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