San Diego Restaurants Where Kids Eat Free

This list is godsend considering that my kids are approaching the age where they can’t just share one kids meal.

I was totally digging Cocos… They were having this limited time “kids eat free every day” deal. Bring it back!


Get in gear! Let’s have a Robot Party!


Since I did a fairy themed party when my daughter turned 3… that meant it was my one opportunity to do a boy-themed party… whoohooo! Robot it was! For the centerpieces, I found these Valentine Boxes from Oriental Trading – which of course I bought after V-day for much cheaper. Came in a dozen, I only used 5 though. But they were super cute and easy to put together with adhesive foam. I put a small vase inside to weight it down and with a styrofoam piece inside the vase, I was able to make the toppers.


I saw a robot from cardboard on Pinterest and thought… I could do that! The hardest part was finding all the pieces. More details on how this robot came to life here.


A party is not a party without a watermelon carving! Saw this idea on Pinterest as well. 🙂


We were hoping for a transformer pinata… but couldn’t find one… so Iron mad had to do!


The bakery from Ranch Events did an amazing job as usual!



For the crafts, I couldn’t resist these adorable little ceramic robot piggy banks! 12 for $20. I bought a set of Owls for any girls who didn’t want to paint a Robot. The kids enjoyed it.. but I think adults had more fun with them!



Lastly, our lovely photobooth, designed by Snapshots Moments. Check out how I put together the backdrop here.

DIY Cardboard Robot


I first saw a pin for a cardboard robot here. I thought it would be an inexpensive way to add some fun decor to our robot party. First things first… Start collecting boxes! Once I got most of the shapes I needed, I started to spray paint it….. unfortunately, that robot had a really big body!


To be honest I ran out of spray paint after just doing the body and head… so we opted to just foil the arms and feet for contrast. Was then going to do the legs in red or something (because that’s a leftover color I had) but we lucked out when my mom went to Costco and saw these star patterned boxes in exactly the shape we needed. Score!!! For the shoulders and hands, we bought the tubing at Home Depot for a few bucks.


We pretty much tried to use whatever we could find around the house to finalize the robot. The ears are spray painted pieces of a to-go cup holder from some fast food restaurant. The eyes are cupcake wrappers. Colored popsicle sticks for the mouth. Pipe cleaners for the antenna!


We then recycled the number 3 cutout I had made for the photo prop from my son’s birthday photos. It was perfect on the body! Then we found some little stampers to use as buttons.

Total cost: about $15


DIY Tablecover Backdrop


I first saw this on Pinterest here and totally thought it would be the perfect way to backdrop the photobooth this year.

I bought a little bit more than I needed to start. … but ultimately used 3 table covers and two banners from Walmart. Didn’t cost more than a total of $7


The longest part was probably the cutting. The strips were about 3 inches wide and the braids were maybe 3 inches down. I’m pretty good at braiding so that was easy, although my arms were sore from being in the upward position for so long. Haha.



I have to admit. It looked pretty cool once it was all braided and the colors mixed together.


Add the banners… and there you have it. I contemplated doing the fans at first…. but I didn’t want to take from the photobooth template.  So I kept the backdrop simple.


Looks good! I’m definitely going to do this again! Different colors!