No one warned me of FEISTY FOURS

I’m at a point where I can almost say that I despise the age of 4. What people vent about in the terrible two’s apparently multiplies itself and adds on a vocabulary and an opinion in the feisty four’s. WHY DID NO ONE WARN ME!?!? I was totally unprepared for this. I was expecting it in the twos, which in turn was terrific-twos for us… guess that’s how it caught up to me later. *sigh*

If my daughter ever reads this when she grows up she will know how much a pain in the ass she is right now. For every wonderful moment I shared with her this year, I have two frustrating ones to match.

She turns 5 in about four months. I’m counting down the days and pray that it gets better soon.

I have tried my hardest to be patient and keep my cool. But damn….


I found an entertaining comparison of the Terrible Twos vs. Feisty Fours. I’ll take 2 over 4 any day!

4 thoughts on “No one warned me of FEISTY FOURS

  1. I’m laughing reading this because I’ll have to ask my mom about this. They have me on video at my 4th birthday party and I was a total brat. My aunt got me little boat shoes and I went on and on about how they were boy shoes and I wasn’t going to wear them. Lol. Super funny since my Sperrys are my fav shoes now.

  2. I had a hint of things to come when one of my twin daughters was 3. I learned a whole new definition of stubborn! 4 was indeed a very tough year with her. She’s 14 now, and it has been better for quite a while. So, here’s hoping it improves in due time for you, too. 🙂

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