Happy Anniversary…. to MommyNeurotic!


Well well… has it really been a year already? Oh my.

I know I’ve been a bit on the busy side the past couple months and slacking… but for those of you who still stop by and refer to the many schedule samples, diaper logs, etc… THANK YOU!

On another note: I’m excited to say that I FINALLY joined the Instagram world. ( I was holding out for a long time because being my neurotic self, I knew that IG would be another thing to consume me – just like Facebook and Pinterest) In any case, I’ve found it to be a fun place to post random daily happenings, mommy life, my life, and the photographer in me is obsessed with it now! Follow me @my.lsd

As I sit in on my one year anniversary of this blog, I reflect on the many posts I have put up on here and chuckle at some of my rantings… but filled with warmth amongst the other posts that document my journey in parenthood.

Thank you for celebrating with me! Cheers to the next year coming!

Santee Lakes Splash Park


The kids went to the splash park (aka Sprayground) at Santee Lakes for the first time. Looks like they give it a thumbs up! Parking was $5 and it was $2 to get a wristband for them to enjoy the water fun (good for the entire day!). Afterwards, they enjoyed a picnic on the grass and the playground nearby. Overall it was an inexpensive way to enjoy a warm summer afternoon!

SanteeSplashPark-0005 SanteeSplashPark-0033

FREE Seaworld San Diego Ticket for Pass Members


Just got an email about this today…. So just in case you aren’t signed up to receive emails…. don’t miss out on your FREE Single-Day Ticket!  On the site it says until June 30, 2014 – but it looks like once you click through to add the tickets, and according to the promo email – the tickets expire Aug 31, 2014. See fine print below.


•Log in to the Pass Member website here. If this is your first time logging in, you will need to select “Have a Pass? Complete your Profile” in order to access your account.

•Once you log in, the offer will display on the Welcome Page under “Your Offers.”
-Click on the offer, select (1) single-day ticket, or (2) single-day tickets and “Add to Cart.”**
-Proceed to the check-out process. Once you redeem, the offer will disappear from your account.

•To access the offer for any additional Pass Members in your household, log out and select “Check a Child’s Pass: Use their Barcode.” You will be prompted to input a Pass barcode and zip code. This step will need to be repeated for each additional Pass.


Fine print:

*Offer valid only to active, SeaWorld San Diego 1-Park, 2-Park and Platinum Pass Members. Offer is not available to Fun Card holders. Active 1-Year Pass Members will receive one (1) free ticket per Pass. Active 2-Year and Platinum Pass Members will receive two (2) free tickets per Pass. Free tickets are valid for single-day admission to SeaWorld San Diego and tickets are valid until August 31, 2014.
**Only 1 Friends & Family Ticket transaction allowed per Pass Member. For Pass Members with SeaWorld San Diego 2-Year Memberships, SeaWorld San Diego-Aquatica San Diego 2-Year Memberships and SeaWorld San Diego Platinum Memberships who are interested in ordering 2 Friends & Family Tickets, they must be ordered in the same transaction.

Toddler Breakfast Eating: Banana Raisin Granola Porridge


I feel like breakfast is the one meal that I have struggled the most with in terms of finding things that are healthy and with variety to feed my children in the morning. Let’s not forget that it should be quick too – because 1) I’m not a morning person and 2) I don’t cook. This comes from a person who usually just grabs a protein shake to-go as I’m running out the door to go do a gazillion things… Or I turn to caffeine for myself to wake me up and suppress my appetite. Sigh. But of course, I wouldn’t do that to my kids! So here’s the thing…. My daughter doesn’t like eggs. My son dabbles with it. Both will do the pancake thing but I’m not too enthusiastic about how much they soak it with syrup. Plus, if they do eat pancakes, I’d prefer it be some healthy homemade version I’ve seen a recipe for on Pinterest. But… remember I’m not a morning person and I don’t cook… so therefore, it is unlikely that I’d be up every morning making pancakes for my little people.

Surprisingly enough… my kids have been eating nearly the SAME breakfast (variation) since they were both 15 months old? (Around there). Its crazy that they are ok with eating similar breakfast day in and day out. Its basically a toddler variation of of the rice cereal that they at as babies. To be honest, its like softer version of adult oatmeal in my opinion, which is why I titled it “porridge”. I’ve actually bought some Steel Oats to try and make other variations of oatmeal, but the kids are still happy with this breakfast, so I’m not one to try and fix something that isn’t broken. This post is specifically about Banana Raisin Granola…. but – I’ll list some other fruit variations we do at the bottom. The base – the cereal is all the same. The variation is all in the fruit that’s mixed.

Nonetheless, my kids like it, and its healthy, organic, and its a great way for them to start the day. Here’s how it goes:


So what’s not pictured here: Horizon 2% DHA Milk (or whatever milk you want to use) and an organic Banana.

Directions – Warm up about 2-3oz of milk in the microwave. Mix in about 3 tablespoons of the baby cereal (I alternate between the HappyBellies multi-grain, rice, and oatmeal) or as much to get the consistency you like. Then I mash/dice in 1/2 a banana. My daughter likes a 1.5 tablespoons of the granola and dumps a box of the organic raisins in.  Mix…… and she kills it!

This is my daughter’s favorite variation.

Other fruit variations that we rotate through: (Note – my kids like the granola added in no matter what fruit it is. This started more recently – I’d only do it for experienced eaters because they are really crunchy with some big pieces)

– Applesauce – You can buy the 4oz snack packages in organic apple flavor and non-organic I have found a berry flavor as well. I usually add cinnamon sometimes instead of buying the cinnamon flavored applesauce.

– Pear – Trader Joes sells the 4oz snack packages of pear sauce – this is great for the younger kids. My kids are older now, so I usually get a can of diced pears or use the Dole’s diced Pears 4oz snack packages that are come in 100% juice – not syrup! My kids like to drink the juice after I’ve put all the diced pieces into their bowl.  Don’t forget fresh pears are always good!

– Passion Fruit – My daughter likes the passion fruit that comes from the Dole’s Tropical Fruit cups – again – the one in 100% juice!

– Mango or Peach Mango – For this one, I usually buy frozen organic peaches and Trader Joes has frozen organic mangoes. I put enough to fill a small sauce pan and boil it with some water until its pretty soft. Then I drain the fruit and toss it in the Magic Bullet and smooth it out a bit. These end up in small 2oz containers in the fridge – or freezer if you make a lot. Each breakfast serving usually requires about 2oz of fruit.

-Blueberry or Blueberry/Raspberry – Similar to Mango, buy the frozen organic fruit and boil it in a saucepan. For the berries, no need to puree – just spoon it into the bowl and/or containers.


P.S. If you are wondering what happens when we aren’t home and are traveling? Well…. for the most part, if you are staying at a house or somewhere with a microwave and fridge, then just bring a can of the rice cereal. You can buy milk and bananas anywhere to make a simple breakfast version. On days when I’m just doing a quick overnighter somewhere or staying at someone’s house – I usually grab the Gerber Graduates Breakfast – apple cinnamon oatmeal. The kids like it. 🙂