Schedule Series: 10 Months and ONE nap! (and a 3-yr-old)


Let me first start by saying that my son went down to one nap a few months earlier than my daughter did… and I’ll be honest when I say that I moved in that direction on purpose because I was trying to get them on the same schedule for my own sanity. It worked fine for him, he had no problem because it was something he was going to eventually be doing anyways. But as for me? Hallelujah! 12-3 is my favorite time of the day! Don’t bother me!

My daughter surprisingly has maintained the midday nap for years! At 3 years old, it was usually about 2-3 hours still. Then by 4 years old, it varied, some days longer (depending on how active she was in the morning), and some days shorter. Between 4-5yrs old, she started going to bed a little later (not by my choice!!!!) at night so that made her want/need that midday nap still. I wasn’t complaining though because it was no secret that I LOVE that midday break for myself. Besides, once she starts Kindergarten this fall… I’ll be saying goodbye to that break with her. UGH. I’ll have to say hello to some forced “quiet time” for her… but its not a full release of my mommy-duties, if you know what I mean.

Schedule Series: 5 Months (and Toddler)



20130923_225458 20130923_225513

Here’s the sample daily schedule for a 5 month old. You can see it didn’t vary too much between my son and my daughter. On the combined schedule (once there were two kids) you can sneak peek the Toddler schedule that my oldest was on, and what was left of the pumping schedule.

Daily Schedule Series: Two Months

20130923_225209 20130923_225246

At 2 months, the long chunky morning nap started to develop. AHHHHH. And the middle of the night feed was eliminated as well. YEEHAWW. Yes, you are seeing correct. By 8 weeks, my lil guy was sleeping from 11:30pm to about 7:30am. On the second image, you can see how my daughter’s schedule was slightly different but still you can see similarities as well.

Don’t worry much about my 28 month old schedule. It seriously has been the same for about 2 years. The only difference you may see in her how her schedule evolved now as a 4 year old, is that she goes to bed a bit later and then makes up for it in a longer mid-day nap. Not looking forward to that all changing next year when she starts Kindergarten, but for now, I’ll enjoy that precious naptime still.