Hello… are you there?

Hello readers… followers… and anyone who just happens to stumble across this tiny piece of neuroticism that I share with the world.

So I realize that I’ve been bad about keep up with the blog lately. Real bad. So sad. So busy. busy busy busy. But that’s no excuse. So I apologize up front. In any case… outside of the every day things that I am personally going through as a parent to now 5 and 3 year olds…. what else can I offer to you on this blog? What else would you like to have a schedule or plan for? haha. Is it even possible to plan anything else outside of sleep and feeding? 🙂

Ask and you may (If I can conjure) receive.

Schedule Series: 10 Months and ONE nap! (and a 3-yr-old)


Let me first start by saying that my son went down to one nap a few months earlier than my daughter did… and I’ll be honest when I say that I moved in that direction on purpose because I was trying to get them on the same schedule for my own sanity. It worked fine for him, he had no problem because it was something he was going to eventually be doing anyways. But as for me? Hallelujah! 12-3 is my favorite time of the day! Don’t bother me!

My daughter surprisingly has maintained the midday nap for years! At 3 years old, it was usually about 2-3 hours still. Then by 4 years old, it varied, some days longer (depending on how active she was in the morning), and some days shorter. Between 4-5yrs old, she started going to bed a little later (not by my choice!!!!) at night so that made her want/need that midday nap still. I wasn’t complaining though because it was no secret that I LOVE that midday break for myself. Besides, once she starts Kindergarten this fall… I’ll be saying goodbye to that break with her. UGH. I’ll have to say hello to some forced “quiet time” for her… but its not a full release of my mommy-duties, if you know what I mean.

Daily Schedule Series: Two Months

20130923_225209 20130923_225246

At 2 months, the long chunky morning nap started to develop. AHHHHH. And the middle of the night feed was eliminated as well. YEEHAWW. Yes, you are seeing correct. By 8 weeks, my lil guy was sleeping from 11:30pm to about 7:30am. On the second image, you can see how my daughter’s schedule was slightly different but still you can see similarities as well.

Don’t worry much about my 28 month old schedule. It seriously has been the same for about 2 years. The only difference you may see in her how her schedule evolved now as a 4 year old, is that she goes to bed a bit later and then makes up for it in a longer mid-day nap. Not looking forward to that all changing next year when she starts Kindergarten, but for now, I’ll enjoy that precious naptime still.

Daily Schedule Series: 1 month


At one month old, this was the best I could do in terms of identifying a “routine”. You can see that it was all over the place and definitely didn’t align with my 2 yr old at all! I was seriously entertaining between one kid and another for months before you would see more similarities in the color blocks of their schedules. *sigh* The good news is though is that it DOES eventually get there! You’ll see!  From this month on out through 8 months, you’ll see a lot of tweaking of the schedule. Lots of evolving. In the next 6 months worth of schedules, I’ll post a sample of what V’s was like when she was at that age, and then what it looked like combined with 2 kids. You’ll see that my son’s schedule was slightly different… but not by a whole lot! But I think it helps to see the differences and where it can range.


Daily Schedule Series: Fresh out the womb. Now what?

So…. you just had a baby. This baby comes with no schedule, no routine, and definitely no instructions. Now what?

Let me just start by saying that in my opinion – when this baby arrives, you have the first shot at establishing a routine. Ball is in your court. I know some people believe that you have to go with what the baby does, etc. And I do agree to a certain extent. But – I don’t necessarily agree that the parent needs to just roll over and give in to all the demanding needs of this infant either.

So I went through 2 kids doing very similar things, however, I was much more organized I think the second time around – let alone I loved that Babybix had a phone app by then! Now you are thinking… what in the world did I do? Ok… here it goes. It might sound confusing, but somehow in my twisted neurotic mind, it makes perfect sense and I made it happen.

Baby debuts. Baby is hungry. You are anticipated to feed them about every 2-3 hours. AND you know those nurses are going to be on your ass about it – checking times, etc. (I loved being able to log in Babybix and just show them the app for them to check everything). Go ahead and go with that. That baby is going to be crying, sleeping, peeing, pooping… the works! But what I am being conscious of and trying my hardest to do from the get-go…. is time one feeding as close to 11:30pm as possible. That is equivalent to me making the first move. With an 11:30pm feeding time, then I’m targeting 12am as my starting “bedtime” for the baby (I’ll be doing a series on this whole sleep schedule/training craziness later… and you will understand why I target 12am). So again, my goal is those two times to start. Everything else the baby is doing in the first couple days outside of that… just let them. I’m logging feeding from Day 1, but about 5 days out, I start logging sleep as well. I continue to only log outside of those two times so that I can get a sense of the baby’s natural routine (ah ha! This is the part where you do have to allow the baby to be themself). But remember – YOU have set the tone for each day, but starting the last feeding at 11:30pm and bedtime at 12am.


In the following week after that, you should definitely start to see SOME sort of pattern… sporadic, but potentially identifiable. Its based on this, that I start to then pick specific common feeding times that become “designated” feeding times. What that means is, by 2 weeks old, if the baby wakes up a little earlier than my designated time, I might hold out on the feediing until the designated time – or if the baby is still sleeping, I’d wake the baby up to feed and keep on schedule. Remember.. all this is still done while logging! Because it is going to continue to evolve, and you will have no idea what it is best evolving into unless you track it.