Schedule Series: 5 Months (and Toddler)



20130923_225458 20130923_225513

Here’s the sample daily schedule for a 5 month old. You can see it didn’t vary too much between my son and my daughter. On the combined schedule (once there were two kids) you can sneak peek the Toddler schedule that my oldest was on, and what was left of the pumping schedule.


2 thoughts on “Schedule Series: 5 Months (and Toddler)

  1. My kids are very close in age. When the youngest was born, the oldest was 3 1/2, and the twins were a couple of months past 2. The LAST time the older three had a nap was on the day their new brother came home from the hospital. Needless to say, I was very tired for a long, long time. Like maybe the next 5 years! All worth it, of course, and funny in hindsight, but I was definitely tired.

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