Step right up to our BIG TOP Party!


6 sounded like a good year to have a carnival/circus themed party! This was probably one of the easier ones to put together because items were easy to find, costumes I found early, and a dear friend had sent me her leftover party supplies from her own previous carnival party. Whoohoo! Hand me down party themes are the best!

For the centerpieces, I had picked up these shorter plastic popcorn boxes from Target that came in a 2-pack for $1. The large lollipops were 99 cents each from the 99 Cents Only store. Yellow gift basket fillers were used to fill the box (well, there’s a styrofoam piece and sand at the bottom to give it some weight).


Saw the Circus Tent idea on Pinterest used with cheapy $1 table covers! Easy and quick decor that had a big impact!

VyBdayParty15-0139 VyBdayParty15-0175 20150516_134355

I had scored the long-time favored animal cookies at a local store months ago… couldn’t believe I was able to get them for 59 cents each! Used cupcake stand for the display!


My mom’s fruit display this year featured a circus elephant cut out. (pretty easy for her… I need to find more challenging fruit art displays).


Keep the food costs low… didn’t do a popcorn machine Instead went to Target and picked up two bags of their popcorn (which is pretty darn good!) and then dumped it into this Circus prize box from Oriental Trading. The prize box actually was part of an item in their catalog that included a bunch of prizes – which I used in the pinata instead. Then used Cupcake liners for small portions for the kids to pick up or self scoop!


Instead of renting a cotton candy machine (and because that’s already a lot of sugar overload)… I picked up a couple tubs of Fun Sweets Cotton Candy from Amazon and stuck them onto pop sticks myself. Saw it on Pinterest somewhere and thought they were the cutest thing. And they were cute!!! But note to self: it would have been easier to stick to maybe Dum Dum sticks – so that it had something to stick to. Also, I would bag them next time… because they quickly took to the air and humidity and started to shrivel up and melt on the sticks half way into the party. booo.


And lastly…. our photobooth template this year. Courtesy of Snapshots Moments Photobooth.


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