Every girl needs a Glitter Photoshoot!

VyTY2 Vy6-003

Let me just start by saying… that after doing this glitter photoshoot… I think I need to do one for myself!!! You can never be too old to spin around in glitter right!?!?

I loaded up on glitter at Michaels in preparation for this photoshoot… various sizes. and the last picture where she is spinning around is actually the iridescent flake kind of glitter which gave a different look. Shot this in the garage for a quick vacuum cleanup after because mannnnnn… it was messy. Very, very messy. I would definitely suggest not doing this until after age 5 or so, just because my 3 year old was “helping” on the sidelines and easily got glitter in his eye – which made for a huge side track to wash out and cater to. And older child is less likely to start rubbing their eyes. eek!

But anyhow…. birthday girl had a TON of fun! We had to do a lot of takes to get the blowing of the glitter at the right angle with the light and shutter speed. We ended up with the final shots of her laying down with the glitter sprinkled all over her arms. ahhhh. so pretty!

The gold glitter number size prop I had left over from my mom’s 60th birthday party and was perfect for this session. Had originally ordered from Tara’s Alphabet on Etsy.

Happy 6th babygirl!

Vy6-002 Vy6-001


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