DIY/Upcycle Kid’s Vanity

Cecilia's vanity dresser

A friend of mine had posted on FB about this project she just completed. I thought she did such an amazing job! Told her it had to be blogged about and then unleashed into the Pinterest world! Thanks so much for sharing this Rosella!

Here’s how she completed this beautifully crafted vanity for her daughter:

I got the vanity from my  sister-in-law who was kind enough to offer it to me because she thought my daughter would like to play with it.
It’s vintage style and the white color was fading. I liked it immediately, It’s real wood too! I was so excited to give the vanity some new life- with paint!  My newest hobby has been upcyclng beautiful furniture. It’s so exciting to see old furniture look like new and more personalized than anything you will find in a store!
I used some paint I had leftover for when I painted my baby girl’s nursery.  I’ve been painting the house and working on some pieces for our backyard. This piece has been my favorite so far!
Here are the steps I followed for painting this piece:
1. Clean the furniture- I used some wet wipes that are made for wood surfaces that I got from Target.
2. Set down a drop cloth and place furniture on top- you don’t want to get paint all over the place.
3. Tape/remove anything that doesn’t need to be painted.   In this case I removed the mirror and the hardware. The handles are too small and intricate to be taped.
3. Sand furniture if needed.  I usually sand rough spots, even out dents and sanding also can remove old chipping paint.
3. Prep paints and paint brushes, put them in a place you can reach while working.
4. Then I painted the vanity in light pink. I used a glidden paint, semi gloss.
5. I let it dry a night and  the next day checked on it. The paint had dried mostly,  it was dry to the touch but the paint can scrape off easily if you don’t handle it carefully.
6. I painted the pink flower on the top and let it dry for hours and then came back and added the turquoise center.
7. I let the finished vanity dresser dry for another night and voila! It was done!

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