D-Day… with D as in Dentist


Its THAT time of the year again!!! I started taking my kids to the dentist right before their 1st birthday. I know the dentist doesn’t do much, but it does get them used to going and we were trying to practice healthy habits. So today, I lugged my 4yo and 2yo to their double appointment and boy am I glad I wasn’t the dentist.  I started prepping my daughter for it yesterday when we were talking about going to the dentist. But she instantly says to me “I don’t like the dentist.” In my  head, I’m thinking “Foo – what do you even remember about your last visit to the dentist!!?!? hmph!” But instead, I put on my cheerleader face and raved about how pretty her smile is and that we need to keep our teeth nice for a nice smile, which then gets reflected in nice photos (my daughter loves posing for photos).

When we first walked in, the assistant said we were going to take x-rays for V. HAHAHAHA. I laughed at her and said “good luck with that”.  After the first 5 mins where we couldn’t even get the bib thing on her, the assistant gave up. V then started to flip when she realized she needed to lay in the chair by herself… on the verge of kicking and screaming. Dramatic much?

K doesn’t like to be on his back, so he started to cry – but at least that kept his mouth open for the dentist to look inside. He did find a lot of interest in the polishing tool, but not enough to sell him on laying there peacefully with his mouth open.

Miss V ultimately calmed down. Later on we pointed out some areas that needed better brushing and then managed to get her polished and cleaned up a bit in the back of her mouth. Whew. Sealed the deal with the goody bag from the dentist and we were out the door.  When we left, V turns to me and says “I like the dentist.” Uh huh. Let’s hear you say that again in 6 months.