Back to School

Wow… where did the summer go? In fact.. where did September and October go? I just sat down to catch up on the blog and realized that I didn’t say a word about the first day of school!?? Shame on me. Perhaps its because I have been adjusting to this new wake up time of 6:30am!! For a night owl like myself, caffeine is my new best friend.

So off to Kindergarten went my daughter… and off to preschool went my son. And surprisingly, it was much more heart wrenching to drop off my son. Maybe because he’s my youngest… my baby… my last one. Or maybe because it was so streamless as he just gave me a hug and kiss and walked off without even looking back? *sniff* whatever it was… I had a little “moment”.


As they both started a new chapter… so did I. A new routine for all of us. And even a little downtime in the morning a couple days when they are off at school and I don’t have to work until a little later. ahhhhh. Kind of nice. What will I do with myself!?!?


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