Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument

Monument! Oooh! A good one from The Daily Post this week for the photo challenge. I spent about 6 years trying to travel around and see different countries… and of course hitting up all the famous monuments. I have so many favorites… which one to choose? Eiffel Tower… Colloseum… So as I read this challenge.. I had a couple of photos pop into my head:


The first one is a funny. Guess where this is at??!?! And no… It’s not a photo of people practicing Tai Chi. hhahaahahah… I was in Pisa and of course I’m taking a photo of the Leaning Tower. Then I turn around and see all these other people doing their “thing” with the Leaning Tower and it just looked pretty funny out of perspective. 🙂



On a more serious note… When I was in Hong Kong, we made the trek to visit the Big Buddha. Seriously, I can’t even describe how big this Buddha is. I had to climb many many stairs to get to the top for a closer look. This photo here was from from the gondola bringing us in. Definitely one of my favorite monuments.

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