Toddler Eating: Healthier than Hamburger-Helper


Seriously… this is as simple as mac n’ cheese. And the kids LOVE it.


  • Veggie Pasta – I usually use about a 5th of the box and it yields 6 small servings for my kids.
  • Pasta Sauce – I’ve been using Ragu Chunky Garden – but looking for an organic sauce that I like still.
  • Organic Ground Beef – Trader Joes – I usually use about a 5th of the package for this recipe
  • Cheddar Cheese




How much to cook depends on your needs in terms of servings. I usually start with boiling the pasta and based on how much of it I have once cooked, then I’ll add in the ground beef and sauce until it thoroughly covers all the pasta. I add in cheddar cheese at the end – either small cubes or shredded and stir until it melts into it. This is a personal preference because I think it take the edge off the “tomato-y” taste of pasta. mhmmmmm. Easy peasy!


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