Introducing Kids to the Theater

I’ve always enjoyed going to see shows/musicals – particularly ones of Disney movies that I enjoyed as a youth. Lion King, Beauty & The Beast… all wonderful productions.

As my kids are learning about these wonderful stories – not just Disney, but other classic tales as well (mostly through books as they haven’t watched many full-length movies yet), I’ve found that there are wonderful ways for them to experience them outside of a book and away from the “screen”.


She was excited to pose for a photo with one of the actresses after the show!

The San Diego Junior Theatre puts on wonderful productions catered to various age groups. Last fall, I planned a mommy & me triple theater date and we had a great time watching “The Little Mermaid”.  As an adult, I certainly enjoyed the show just as much as the kids. The junior actors did such an amazing job and I was so impressed throughout the performances. I missed “The Cat in the Hat” show, but I see “Shrek” is on calendar in a few months, so I may have to plan another “date night” with my daughter!

For my little guy, Balboa Park also offers Marie Hitchcock Puppet Theater shows! A 10am show would be the perfect activity right before lunch.

On a side note – At California Adventures, they have the Aladdin show which was amazing! My daughter got a little frightened in some parts and said it was kind of “loud”. But we sat in the back and enjoyed it nonetheless. Definitely check that out if you are spending the day at the amusement park.



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