Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Abandoned. Oh man, I’ve been sitting on this theme from The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge all weekend trying to think about what I had in the archives that would be suitable. I did have photos of random buildings from my travels to Europe, etc…. but I opted for something funny this week. One of the most random things I had ever seen abandoned was when I was at our local Aquarium. At an AQUARIUM!!! Low and behold… I’m walking and look down to find:



Interesting. Very interesting. It was really early in the day still, so it made me wonder how long these panties had been tossed there on the ground? From early in the morning? Or perhaps something steamy from the night before? Whatever it was, I hope there was good reason for them being left behind.

On the topic of abandoned undergarments, I then thought back to this tree that I had seen before when I was snowboarding. I used to always see one at Big Bear when I was on one of the lifts – where people would toss bras and undies as they passed by. The photo below was actually a photo of something similar at Mountain High. I’m assuming the people already had these items in their pocket to throw down from the ski lift? Because undressing in the cold from all the gear would be quite challenging!



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