Mommy & Me Sock Bun



I was roaming through Ross yesterday and stumbled across this sock bun product. This one is called “Hot Buns.” I’ve seen sooooo many different versions and variations for getting the same achieved sock bun look. This is the third kind I have tried and by far the best and easiest, for me at least. I have long hair and a lot of it. It’s also layered so I’ve had a hard time getting it all rolled up easily with other products. I particularly like this one because it has several velcro parts that help keep the hair together. The elastic to tie around the bun is also a nice touch. It says you don’t need to pin…. but I’d probably still pin anyways just to make sure it’s all secure and neat.


It was a bonus that it came in a set with a small sized one too. My daughter was excited about having a bun like Tinkerbell. Sooo cute. Her hair is still on the shorter side. We are working in growing it out. It’s also super thin and fine. It stuck to the velcro really well but needs more hair to cover more of the mesh. Still cute nonetheless!


3 thoughts on “Mommy & Me Sock Bun

    • haha! I keep seeing girls with these perfect sock buns. I’m so happy to finally have found one that works with my hair. whooohoooo

      p.s. messy bun is cute too you know! 🙂 It’s it’s OWN look!

      • I also admire perfectly neat hair on others, but for myself, I’ve accepted going with my own look. When short hair is all the rage again someday, I am going to stick to my long curls. For better or worse, it works for me.

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