7 Baby Products that make you go Hmmmm

There are many great products and inventions out there that really are innovative and make life better. Then there are the ones that make you go “hmmmmm”

iPotty. – Because it want them to enjoy sitting on the shitter for hours on end.

PAD-POTTY_1_Main no top_new

The BabyKeeper Hanging Harness.  Because its better than holding the baby while you pee yourself.


Mr. Milker.  Allows the man to “bond” with the baby, while maybe confusing the hell out of them.


Poop Alarm. – Because its easier than smelling or peaking at the diaper yourself?

poop alarm

Tinkle Tube. – Because peeing into a tube is more efficient than teaching your child to simply hold or better steer his penis.


Potty Mitts. Yes…. I can only imagine the 40 yr-old to wears latex gloves to the restroom because he grew up on Potty Mitts.


Heelarious Baby Heels  –   Wrong. Just wrong.

babyheels   .



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