Weekly Photo Challenge: Window


This week’s photo challenge at The Daily Post was Window. Oooh what a toughie! This could be interpreted in so many ways. Am I thinking about a window that is looking in? Or a window that is looking out?

I ultimately thought back to this image above and thought that it was perfect for this week’s theme. I decided that in my interpretation at the moment, I want to think about the window as looking out. The photo above was taken last summer when we were vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. The kids had been there before, but at 4 and 2, I think they definitely had a different experience this time in vacationing. This picture was taken in the morning of the first full day we were there. It was cute to see them run to the window in awe of the view. Their little minds may not have yet understood the scope of what they were looking at, but I imagine that it was completely engulfed with wonder. Perhaps that is all that is important in looking out that window anyways. It reminds me of how I need to view the world when I look out a window. In awe, and wonder. The possibilities that truly can be endless.

I sense a pattern in my thinking when I do these challenges. I like that these challenges make me think. But I am noticing just after 2 weeks (see last week’s challenge: Beginning), that the way I perceive the themes, I may just be trying to tell myself to slow down and smell the roses.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

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