Guilty of Never Forgetting My Phone

A simple video that depicts how “connected” we all have to be now. We may feel connected to a ton of people via these social media outlets, yet… it may very well often disconnect us from the flesh and blood people who are sitting right in front of us. Its sad, but true. And I’m totally guilty of it. Gosh, remember those pre-smartphone days!?! Days when the only access you had to the Internet was at a desk? Days before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube even existed? Just to “age” myself, I remember days before texting existed – when you actually had to talk to people and sometimes attempt to alphanumerically message. Wow. We’ve come a long ways. But it comes with its own demons.

And you know what’s worse? – Is that even though I know this and admit to my guilt, I still wouldn’t want to detach myself from my phone for a day. That’s what you call addicted. Is there such a thing as Smartphone Anonymous?


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