Not-so-mommy Mommy Jewelry

I’m a proud mommy, just like everyone else. So of course I got to a point where I wanted a cute necklace to represent my kids. I combed the internet and Etsy looking for something that struck me. I was looking for something that met the following criteria:

* Had my kids initials

* Cute

* Affordable

* I could shower with it and it won’t turn my neck green.

I ended up with this ADORABLE “two lovers” Custom initial necklace from LaLa Design Studio on Etsy. It was perfect! Gold-filled. It’s held up wonderfully over the past 2 years.

This month, I felt like I needed a switch. Been wearing the kids initials for a while and something else caught my eye. I first saw the image on Pinterest and then finally tracked it down to Pompeii3 where they had a host of beautiful diamond and gold jewelry. Of particular interest to me was the white gold “M” initial pendant on necklace. The chain is a little bit on the thin side and can break easily. I ended up changing the chain to a thicker one and now its perfect for me.

Here are some images of the actual items I received, so you can see how they compare to the fancy storefront ones:



If found some other notables that I may consider buying as mommy jewelry later on:

Personalized Lovebirds

Sideways Monogram Initials

Personalized Name

Mother-Daughter Heart Necklace Set


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