Toddler Eating: Mini Pizzas (with tofu)

There are many different variations for making this simple toddler meal. Here is my take on it:


*Multigrain or Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin (I prefer these just because they are thin and not so overly carb-filling)

*Pasta Sauce – Preggo used to make a Veggie Smart one, but I can’t find it on the shelves anymore. So I’ve been experimenting with various organic ones – anything that I can find that has SOME veggies in the sauce.

*Organic Tofu

*Organic Shredded or thin sliced cheese.


I usually start by toasting the bread so that its already hot. I mash a thin slice of the tofu into the pasta sauce. When I have time, I cook the sauce over the stove – when I’m on a time crunch, then I’ll admit that I zap it in the microwave for 45 seconds. Spread the pasta sauce over the bread and slap on the cheese. Then pop it in the toaster oven at 250 degrees until the cheese has melted.




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