Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Hello 2014. This will be my first time participating in a weekly Photo challenge. Well, actually my first time doing any sort of weekly challenge.

It’s not like I have a ton of time on my hands to begin with. But the idea of coming up with one image per week to represent a theme….sounded fun and enlightening.

So here is my first image for the year for Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

I struggled at first this week with the theme. Probably because I’m notorious for making things out to be more complicated than they need to be. So I took a step back from it for a moment. I didn’t want to think of the obvious or the literal. I mean, there really is no right or wrong answer to these themes. I just needed something that made sense to me.

I selected this image to represent “beginning” because my life is so fast – paced and busy that I wish each day could begin with the simplicity of this photo. I love it even more because in the background behind the beautiful tulips you see my son playing so innocently and carefree in the backyard. The flowers and my son… are just two examples amongst a list of many simplicities that I wish I took more time out to enjoy.


13 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

  1. Dear mommyneurotic,

    Welcome to the Weekly Photo Challenge! I have found the challenges to be a fun and interesting way of generating a new post. Choosing “something that made sense to me” and then giving the reader an explanation of it is the method I use too.

    Some of the themes will have you scratching your head for images; and looking through the other submissions is a great introduction to a wide variety of blogs to interest and inspire both you and your blog content. You’re in for a treat. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Wishing you a wonder-filled 2014.

    Yours sincerely,

    might war

    • Hi might war!
      Thanks so much for your comment. This is already becoming addicting to me as I comb through the pingbacks to see what other people posted for the theme. I love it. The concept of doing these challenges is so simple, yet so fulfilling.

      I’m excited! And even more so now after reading your comment!


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  3. Very nice post! I included it as a related article in my first-ever weekly photo challenge post. My kids are older than your son, and I still feel the same way–life is busy, too fast, and I need to take time out to breathe.

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