Writer’s Block?

Ugh. I’m stuck. Worst part is… I’m not even stuck about writing for the blog. I’m stuck writing a philosophy statement for a job application!!! Something so much more critical right now. And something that should come easy because its suppose to be just a statement from which I function in my career right? UGHHHHHH.

This all started when I had the bright idea that I will apply for a full-time counseling job locally. I swear for the past decade I had been saying that I wasn’t going to work full-time ever again… because I do enjoy the adjunct life. BUT – considering that I have 5 part-time jobs… it basically equates that I am probably working beyond a traditional full-time job anyways. So why not lock myself in with some stability, pension, and benefits? Guess it makes better sense now. Add to that the fact that my oldest will be in Kindergarten this fall and my youngest starting preschool. Perhaps the stars are all aligning now for me.

So I got this application due. It’s pretty much done except for the dreaded philosophy statement. What is my community college counseling philosophy? Where do I begin? This is something I’ve been doing for the past 10 years. So this statement should come easy to me right? No. Ugh. So instead of writing my statement, I’m sitting here writing about how I need to write my statement! Then I float around on Facebook and Pinterest… while my opened Word document lays empty on my desktop still.



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