DIY: Ikea Spice Rack Bookshelf Hack

This all started with Pinterest. Of course. And if you simply search “ikea spice rack” you will see tons of pins for it. Simple enough.

I actually found my spice racks on Amazon for about $10 each. Remember that they don’t come with the hardware!

This was probably one of the simplest projects because it was just a matter of spray painting the parts, assembling and then mounting onto the wall. I did however have a hard time with the installation (maybe because I’ve never necessarily hung shelves on a wall before) – but apparently, you need to have the right kind of anchors for the drywall. It looked good to start, but after a couple tugs and rough dropping of books into the shelves, and they came easily off the wall. 😦

They are much more studier if you use the right drywall screws and anchors or if you are lucky, you can get it lined up with a stud in the wall. I saw some other options on Pinterest for actually mounting them onto one end of the Kura Bed…. so I may revise the reading nook situation later on.

Either way… its still a cute and simple way to get books up!

20130502_184352 20130502_190756 20130502_191212 20130504_171808 20130504_173750 KidsRoomRemodel-0047 KidsRoomRemodel-0061


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