New Years Eve – Family Style

I remember all those New Years Eve nights when I got dressed up in sequins… hair did… makeup did… and looking all fabulous for a night of nonstop dancing and celebrating. *sigh* Ok. I might still have another couple of those years left in me. BUT – I do have to admit that as my kids get a little older, I will definitely want to share in this holiday with them as well. They are still young and midnight is beyond their bedtime… but in due time, they will get the exception to stay up and party it up with me – family style.

In the meantime, I’m finding some wonderful ideas floating around on Pinterest, so I’m compiling a list here:

** New Year’s Evening countdown. I am obsessed with what this momma did for her kids. SOOO fun. In fact, put an adult twist on the activities inside the balloons and this could be something my friends and I could enjoy now. hehe. Many of her individual ideas are already great on their own, but to stack them all into a countdown throughout the night?? Genius! There’s also another similar and cute concept for this using countdown bags.

UPDATE: Elena over at Craftibilities posted her most recent NYE celebration countdown with some new ideas, including a fun photobooth!

** New Year’s Resolution Statements. Free Printable from 30 Handmade Days. I love this idea and its a great keepsake for the kids to look back on as they get older.

** Year in Review. Free Printable from Dating Divas – including one with blank year. Originally an idea for couples, but this is super cute for older kids and another great keepsake. This can totally turn into a wonderful lifetime scrapbook.  There are other similar concepts for this to check out… free printable versions of Time Capsule Questions and Celebrating the Year.

**Kid-Friendly Bubbly. Bubbly Jell-o Parfait Recipe from Spoonful. These just totally look festive and yummy at the same time!

** New Year’s Eve Hat Making. These are adorable. And if I ever do a kiddie NYE party – we are totally doing a photobooth with a fun backdrop like that!

** NYE Playdate Party. Why not let your kids invite a couple friends over to join in on the festivities? Could totally do the countdown activities as a group. Then you can also have some other fellow adults to celebrate as well. A win-win fun situation. Here are some ideas for some kid’s NYE party food. Don’t forget to do a balloon drop! Yes!!!! And a New Year’s Eve Ball Drop too! Yes!!!!

** NYE Movie Night. This can include doing it pajama style and with some fun refreshments.  My little ones are watching Rudolph’s Shiny New Year since they are really young. Since its still so close to the Xmas holiday – you can still get away with watching a movie from this list of Holiday Movies for Kids.

For my local San Diegans… Here’s a list of family-friendly NYE events around town for celebrating. It includes the Pajama Jam that I had posted about not too long ago. I soooo want to do that next year!

Whatever you decide to do to celebrate, I hope you enjoy yourself! Happy soon-to-be 2014!


4 thoughts on “New Years Eve – Family Style

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  2. I was admiring your blog and came across this post with all the fabulous NYE ideas. Great list and the best part was the first one is mine! So fun to see. Thank you for sharing!

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