Slow Down Mummy…


What a reminder this poem brings.

I am constantly guilty of being in a hurry, always on my phone, and exhausted overall. Add to that my workaholicism and it looks like I have some serious bad parenting habits forming.

I strive a lifestyle where I give myself a lot of time with my kids. But is it the quality time it should be? Not always. Sure, we have cupcake baking mornings, crafty afternoons, cuddly movie nights…. but there are just as many tag along errands, Sesame Street episodes and iPad moments.

Like I said, this poem is a wonderful reminder but in all honesty, can be hard to implement in today’s fast – paced real world. Perhaps I can start by setting a goal that the quality moments outnumber the less – than – quality ones?

I’m open to suggestions. How do you keep from rushing through life? It’s not just in the parenting realm that we rush….. but I think that many of us are rushing through life itself. And what are we racing towards? A finish line where we can’t remember what the path even looked like or who was cheering us on along the way? Hmmm.

Note to self: slow down.

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