DIY: Embellishing a boring ass dress – No Sew!

When my cousin got married last month, she ordered a traditional Vietnamese dress for my daughter to wear as a flower girl. However, when it arrived it was as plain as could be. We decided it desperately needed to be embellished! There was no was my daughter was walking down the aisle plain Jane!

She went and picked up the supplies for me. Apparently there weren’t any small flowers or ready to go iron-ons…. so we got creative. She found a bundle of these little metallic flowers. Went for fabric glue here as well…. no sew!
I went ahead and clipped each of the flowers away from the stem and laid them out on the dress. Had a cardboard underneath the first layer. And good thing I did! The fabric glue totally seeped through (expected if you are working on a silk like material right?) Omggg. After it initially dried, I had to go in and carefully pull them off the cardboard. If anyone were to look behind that first layer of the dress…. There are a lot of cardboard spots back there!
Nonetheless, who cares what the inside looks like! The front turned out fantastic. I went for a diagonal design for the layout of the flowers.
Here’s my finished product and a happy, beautiful flower girl!


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