Simple Hot Apple Cider Bar

Yesterday we had a Holiday Dessert Potluck at work. When I saw the sign up sheet I saw an endless list of sweets so I thought it would be a nice addition to go the holiday beverage route.

After combing Pinterest at hot apple cider recipes via slow cooker….I opted for something a little more low maintenance since I was short on time. Saw this pin for a hot apple cider bar and I was sold.


I got pretty much everything I needed right at the grocery store. Easy to find yummy store – bought cider around this time of year as well (got my big jug for $5!). I found the Caramel Bits where the cooking chocolates were. I actually liked it better than full caramel candies since the bits were small and melted faster in the hot drink. I also opted not to put out the rosemary after I had bought it… just kept it with three main toppings. I loved the insulated cups I found. Pack of 20 for $3.99.

Fortunately, I had this nifty Rubios serving tray from some other catering purchase.  It was perfect to separate the toppings and my cups also fit right in the center.

I found the printable food tents here.

Once I got to work, I dumped the cider in my crockpot and turned it up high. It took a while to get to the right temperature ( even though I had already had it plugged in at home empty so it would have a head start on being hot during the commute).

It was a total hit! Everyone enjoyed it. The presentation of it was simple but cute. The office smelled delightful. And amongst all the cookies and cakes… my hot apple cider bar definitely stood out. This will definitely be a repeat holiday potluck menu item!


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