Maintain your neurotic boundaries

Just read a really good article “The Bully Too Close To Home“.

I definitely saw parts of myself in there and it was a quick reminder of the boundaries that must be maintained – even within a neurotic like me.

The author says:
” Calling all the shots was a mean voice in my head. My internal drill sergeant was continually pushing me to make everything sound better, look better, and taste better. My body, my house, and my achievements were never good enough. Holding myself to such unattainable standards weighed heavily on my soul and my inner turmoil eventually spilled out at people I loved the most. ”

My inner drill sergeant has definitely calmed down now that the kids are passed the infant stage, but still… as a parent of a toddler – its tough still. I need to relax more. Sigh. Time to research how – or at least start practicing this preach!


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