Happy Thanksgiving and Pre-Black Friday!

Happy Thanksgiving! I have much to be thankful for… especially my two lil’ bambinos. I know I’m a sleep-deprived workaholic whose brain never stops… BUT – at the end of the day, I have my health and my family to be grateful for.


I always start off Thanksgiving morning with the Black Friday ads… heehee. But once the kids are done with breakfast, we then set up the Christmas tree! YAY. Let me state right now for the record that: I. LOVE. THE. HOLIDAYS.  My daughter has been pretty excited as well. She helped my mom with the tree over at her house. So this morning, she was all about it! She made sure we wore some fun holiday headbands and she was very helpful with getting the lil’ guy into the mood as well. I usually do a silver/red ornament look on the tree… but this year I’m feeling the Turquoise. In any case, my tree ALWAYS has disco balls as the main ornament style. I just can’t get away from them. Of all the styles that I see… I always gravitate to the disco balls. Must be the EDMer in me. It allows me to still be in touch with the side of me that would still dance the night away if I had the energy and youth to still do it. HAHAHA. Anyhow…. sorry for the trip down memory lane tangent. In any case, we got the tree up and I’m in the holiday spirit! After the kids finished putting all the ornaments up themselves… I went back and spread it all out a little more evenly during naptime. Hehe. Obviously, due to some height restrictions, my son found it more feasible to put multiple ornaments on the same branch.


On another note… I was ecstatic about my first Black Friday deal today: $5 banner from Staples! These are normally $24.99! So I went ahead and designed three of them for the three birthday parties I’m hosting next year (my two kids and my mom’s big 60th shin-digg). It really helps to know ahead the themes and always have a chunk of my brain dedicated to keeping eye on on things related to those parties throughout the year. By the time we approach the party date – all the decor and goody bag stuff is taken care of. But yeah… $5 banner. 3ft x 1.6ft. Not bad! Whoooo. I’m a happy camper! What a good deal. And of course…. with any online shopping – gotta go through Ebates first! Staples was getting 4% cash back on Ebates today, then I used my Chase Ink business Credit Card which gets me another 5% cash back in rewards.  Happy! Happy!

Whew. I better get to bed. Need to wake up in 4.5 hours to roam the mall and outlets for some fun Black Friday wandering. I already shop for Xmas all year long so most of my list is done. Tomorrow will mostly be for finishing up some people and random purchases on impulse. HA!


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