DIY: 50’s Poodle Skirt

I got a little flyer from my daughter’s preschool last week – they are going to be doing a 50’s themed week coming up and had some suggestions for the kids to get dressed up. So I took it to Pinterest and found this handy-dandy blog post! Then headed to Walmart to buy my supplies.

Supplies: I ended up buying 1.5 yrds of a light fleece like fabric for $3.98 total. I lucked out! They had an applique of a poodle all ready to go for $2.97! Then  found some sparkly ribbon for $0.97 a spool.

I followed the guidelines from the blog, but changed up the measurements for my 4yr old. I wanted her to have a 12 inch skirt… so my square ended up being a total of 32″x32″. The inner circle I cut out for the waist measured 3 inches along one side to make a full 12 inch circle. We used a hot-glue gun to glue down the applique and the ribbon leash, then sewed some leftover velcro I had for the open side of the skirt (to make it more adjustable.



Ta-da! Soooo cute. Sooooo easy. and sooooo affordable.


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