Where am I November 1st?

TARGET! Bright and early. Yup. Find me at Target EVERY November 1st.


This morning, I told my daughter I was going to the store to get her next costume. I asked her what she wanted. She said Ariel. So I was on a mission. A tough mission too, because that is a very specific request. Oh my! I was sooooo in luck. The second Target I went to had ONE Ariel costume out of all the costumes there. It was a size too big, but can totally be sewn up. Anyhow, it was a $40 “deluxe” kinda costume….. But – half off… it actually rung up as $17.50. Then I had a Target Mobile app coupon for $5 off…. and then used my Target RedCard for another 5% off. Ended up getting it for somewhere around $12.83. HOLLA! My daughter was ecstatic when she saw it! If in any case she decides not to be Ariel next year, it still serves as a great “dress up” outfit for her collection.


I ended up going to 3 different Targets that day. heehee. I couldn’t resist. I mean, they each have different things. The first one I went to is my closest local one, smaller, so I like to go there first since its not as crowded. There, I picked up the carving sets (I’m particularly excited about the Hello Kitty one and a super large scooping spoon to gut the pumpkin), black plastic cups for next years birthday party and some Halloween T-shirts for the kids. The second location was where I picked up Ariel and a bunch of cute superhero beanies for my son. I also was able to get the goody bags and some misc toys for the kids classrooms next year. The third location though was one of the larger ones in town and had a ton of Halloween stuff still. I scored some superhero costumes for my son and…. drum roll…. and TON of paper towels. Score. I always have a hard time getting the paper towels the day after Xmas – The hardcore ol’ ladies always beat me to it. But for some reason… no one was swooping them up today. Amateurs! I took nearly everything that was on the shelf for my mom and I. hahahahaha. They came out to $0.75 a roll – cheaper than Costco! And with 2 kids, our house goes through paper towels pretty quickly.

1390470_10202640844965532_1807223798_n 20131101_105858

I was thinking ahead as I shopped… keeping in mind that we had two themed birthday parties next year (Disney and Robot) – so I was constantly on the lookout for things related to that. All in all, I’d say I had a successful Day-After-Halloween! My lil’ shopping buddy did good too. Rewarded ourselves with some Jamba Juice after!



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