Happy Halloween!! (and Day-after Sale tomorrow!)


Whooo! We had a successful Halloween this year. My lil guy had a much better understanding of the concept of trick-or-treating at 27 months. It was so cute to hear him say the words and also show off his costume to the neighbors. When we got home, they were allowed to eat ONE candy of their choice. But then I pulled out a bag of fruit snacks and offered it to my lil guy instead and he went for it. Hehe. He has the rest of his life to pig out on candy.

Funny thing is, I’m trying hard to keep the sugar intake low for my kids, but then I turn around and eat all the candy myself! I’m soooo bad at work – notorious for raiding all the candy bowls around the office. Geez. I do like the option of all the “candy buybacks” that I have seen pop up. I think I will look into doing perhaps my own “buyback” for the kids later… when we realize that taking my money is better than keeping the candy. Cha-Ching!

Anyhow, besides Halloween….. what I’m REALLY excited about is TOMORROW – The Day-after-Halloween discounts at Target. Holla! This is where I will load up on some costumes for the kids to play dress-up in and also potentially use for next year’s Halloween (assuming they don’t start getting all picky). I’ll also be loading up on the goody bag toys (pencils, tattoos, etc) for both the kids classrooms gifts next year and also for the pinata for my daughter’s birthday party in May. If I get lucky, I find candy for cheap that is also used for the pinata (depending on the expiration date of course!). Ahhhhhh. I love you day-after-holiday sale at Target. See you bright and early tomorrow morning!


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