Pumpkin Festivities

There’s just something about October that really kicks off the holiday mood. Perhaps its the change in Starbucks menu, or the chilly mornings that start off each day… I dunno… but whatever it is – I like it.

Living in San Diego, we make use of our SeaWorld passes and hit up their Halloween Spooktacular theme every year. It’s pretty fun to take the kids in thei costumes and let them go around to the different treat stations for candy. It was really chilly this year when we went, so we left the costumes at home. Beware – its SUPER crowded the weekend before Halloween. I made that mistake once. So we usually go the second weekend in the month. This one was actually a photo from last year’s SeaWorld Halloween. They are currently remodeling the front of the park right now so it’s a little cramped so we didn’t take a whole lot of photos this year.


Then of course you gotta venture to a pumpkin patch right? All the actual “farms” that grow pumpkins are a little further away from our house (and the kids each had field trips with their schools to them). So as a family, we just went one evening to one of the mobile sites: Pumpkin Station.  The rides are totally over-rated and over-priced. Fortunately, the kids are still small so they had just as much fun just getting out of the house for a bit to check it out.  The kids paint their pumpkins (instead of carving) every year, so they were able to pick out a little one for our annual carving party.


Later that week we had our annual Pumpkin Carving/Painting party. My friend hosted it this year – whooo hooo. Less clean up for me. heehee The adults carved pumpkins and all the little ones got to paint their pumpkins and add stickers, etc for decoration. They loved it. This was the first year my lil’ guy got to paint since he was too young for it last year.  They were all so proud of their work!

PumpkinCarving13-0013 PumpkinCarving13-0042

As we approach Halloween next week, the kids are getting all amped up. We still have another pumpkin patch field trip to go on and another visit to Disneyland before the big 31st!

Damn October rocks!


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