Preparing for cold season

Yikes! Cold season is coming up! Besides the annual flu shots for the kids, I have been stocking our medicine cabinet with the following products for when the kids do get the minor cold. I really do hate giving medicine often, so most of what I use are natural medicines. I’ll keep knocking on wood because when my kids haven’t gotten sick, it’s never lasted more than a couple days – always staying on the minor side. Whew. Who really knows what keeps their immune systems up… could be a number of factors: being breastfed, genetics, healthy diet, or just plain ol’ good luck.


I have come to really like Target’s Up & Up brand. The generic version of the Infant’s Tylenol has actually worked well for my kids. And I like how it dispenses in a syringe – My kids prefer to take their meds this way versus in a spoon.


For that darn cough that takes forever to go away after a cold, I give the kids Elderberry Syrup. It takes some bribing with my 4yo, but my son takes it like a champ. I’ve also alternated that with a homemade cough syrup recipe that I found on Pinterest that uses honey and lemon.


Ahhhh, good ol’ Echinacea for defense. I love this stuff. There is no harm in building up the defense! The kids have no problem taking this one. Sometimes, I just put a drop in the kids breakfast oatmeal, but otherwise, they usually can take it right from the dropper. I don’t actually give this to them on a daily basis or anything – only when it seems like a cold is coming on, or someone else around the house is sick and I’m hoping it doesn’t pass along.


These Sniffles ‘n Sneezes tablets are really easy to give to the kids. Although, I haven’t determined yet if its really effective. I usually use it in combination with the Up & Up generic Tylenol and bundling up the little ones so that they aren’t chilly. However, considering it’s natural, I continue to give it a shot when the kids start a sniffle and sneezing frenzy that isn’t allergy related.


Last but not least, don’t forget your humidifier! Really helps my little ones (and myself) sleep better at night. I love the Crane ones – they are so cute. We have the frog and the owl (not pictured). Hello Kitty was too expensive for my taste. But you can get the filters on Drugstore.come for about $10.


Oh – in fact – I buy ALL of these products (except the Up & Up) from Can’t beat the prices, especially when Ebates has the 12% cash back days on it. Seriously, if you aren’t online shopping through Ebates right now, you are missing out! Use my referral code dammit:


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