Mommy does Vegas

Yup. That’s right. I conquered Vegas last weekend with the girls. Ahhhhh… Seriously, I had not done a girls trip anywhere in 4 years. Yes, FOUR years. Sad, but true.

So considering the infant and half of the toddler stage behind me…. I decided to finally enjoy myself dammit. And enjoy I did! Besides, when girls go to Vegas – its pretty affordable. One of the benefits of having boobs I guess.

Southwest Airfare deal: $97 Roundtrip

Luxor hotel via Orbitz: $204 split against 4 girls (holla!)

Upgraded room to a suite: $20 (Thanks !)

Outside of those basics, I spent $50 on cab/tips, and $100 on food. Yeeehawww. I think I spent like $7 on ONE drink the entire weekend. Thank goodness for those promoters wandering the streets looking for hot chicks to come to their club.

I give a thumbs down to Surrender on a Thursday night – music was heart-breakingly horrible. Fortunately that was our “relaxed” night. Marquee Day Club was good, but suprisingly smaller than what I imagined it to be. Highlight of the weekend: seeing Steve Aoki perform at Hakkasan. Amazing venue and off the chain music. The sore feet and lost voice were all worth it. Oh. and Did I mention that my BFF was one of his Cake Girls? Apparently, he likes to throw cake into the audience at chicks. Well, what an honor my friend, let me tell you…. I just crossed cake smash off my bucket list!

Steve Aoki’s CAKE GIRL

So I had a little over 2 days away from reality. No kids. No work. No responsibilities. Damn it was nice.  Yeah, I missed the kids. Not a WHOLE lot, to be honest – Probably because it was only 2 days. But by the time I made it back home, it was nice to have two little rugrats screaming and running towards me with open arms.


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