A Mommy & Vy Day

I grew up loving Disneyland and continued to at least go annually through my 20’s. It never gets old! So when I became a mom, I was pretty secretly excited that I had a legitamate excuse to return to Disneyland regularly. Whoooo!

This past year, I got my daughter and I annual passes (and the lil’ guy is still free thank goodness). We were going just about every other month, but with the low level pass I got, we were blocked out all summer. Finally got to go back this week… YAY! I schedule my work hours a semester in advance, so I had already designated a couple of days off from work to be our “Disney” days. Being that V is in preschool 5 mornings now, I decided that this month’s visit would just be a Mommy and Vy day. At times, I felt bummed and guilty that I left the lil guy at home… but I’m with him all mornings now, and told myself I’ll lug them both back in about 6 weeks.

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Anyhow. we had a blast!! I love going on random weekdays. All of our favorite rides were 5-15 mins wait. Goodness, we did Buzz Lightyear 3 times back to back! And one of the best things about having the pass? – when we went and did everything we wanted at Disneyland, we cruised over to CA adventures for a bit to catch Ariel’s ride (one of my daughter’s favorites) 3 times back to back as well. The longest thing we waited for was for the darn princesses at Fantasy Faire – ugh – 45-60 mins just to go get some photos with three of them. But my daughter loves them, so we hit that up first before it got worse! Everything else was pretty smooth sailing.

I keep it pretty simple… Pack her a PB&J and snacks for her to munch on so I wouldn’t have to spend an arm and a leg on her lunch. Let her eat it while we were waiting in line for a ride anyways. Then around 1pm when she usually naps, I reclined the stroller, covered it up and had her rest. She napped for about 45-60 mins – just enough time for me to feed myself lunch. This is always the routine I do with the kids when we are out and about. Once she fell asleep, I just rolled her right into the corner at a restaurant so that I can park it for her to nap, and I can eat my lunch in peace. ahhhhh. By the time she woke up, I was done and we were ready to continue having fun. I’m telling you – NOTHING disturbs my kids nap time. It may stray a bit in terms of the timing and length – but they still need their rest!



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