Happy First Day of Preschool!

Well… my 4-year old finally started her new school schedule this week! For this next year, she will be doing 5 mornings of preschool. Whooooo. She was totally excited. She tells me “I love school!” and in the back of my head, I’m thinking “You better! Because you got A LOT more of it! HAHAHHA SUCKAAAA!” j/k. I’m glad she likes school. Its certainly a good way to set the tone for a life-long journey of learning.


As for me, I went through a mixture of emotions. I mean, I’m excited because she is excited. This week I kinda feel like I miss her a lot already now that I don’t have her around in the mornings. I’m also depressed because of the fat tuition check I have to write every month. Ha! But you know… I gotta look on the bright sides: I am finally getting a lot of one-on-one time with my lil’ man now (who’s 2)… and am one year closer to getting one kid into Kindergarten (aka – one more year closer to going back to work and making my money back).

What I did thoroughly enjoy this week though: all the cute First Day of School pictures that ran through my Facebook newsfeed. *sniff*


P.S. The lil guy and I just started “his”  version of school this week too! Its a parent education class for 2-yr-olds. Its what I call “pre-preschool”… I did that for a year when Vy was 2, so I’m looking forward to doing this with K now. He was pretty excited that he got to get ready and head off to “school” as well.  If you check with your local COMMUNITY/CONTINUING EDUCATION programs… you might find parent education courses nested there… and get this: they are FREE (or very low cost). Worth a try and something to do before the official preschool days come.


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