DIY: Glitter Shoe Wall Decor

I’ve been working on gathering cool random things for my daughter’s wall in her bedroom. Attempting to do a collage of wall decor that I’ve seen as inspiration on Pinterest. So you can imagine I was ecstatic about finding this cool little foam/cork pinboard shaped like a high heel! It was PERFECT! And even better… it was only $1 in the dollar section at Target. Holla! ( you can see in the pic that there were a few other cool wall decor things for $1 each and I swooped them all up!)

Anyhow, I decided to amp it up some more by spray painting it teal (I used the same leftover paint I had from the Ikea spice racks – dammit I still need to post that DIY). While the paint was still wet, I dumped a bunch of glitter on top. Once it dried… OMG…. turned out soooo cute! Probably the most affordable wall piece I have up there!


Here’s a picture of where I’m at with the two walls for now. One side is for V and the other side is for K (for their shared chevron/teal themed room). I gotta admit its much easier to find girl stuff…. but both sides are coming along. I found a new piece for my son on Etsy (wooden shaped robot) that I’m really excited about. More searching to do!


3 thoughts on “DIY: Glitter Shoe Wall Decor

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