Life without a nanny this week.

My nanny has been on vacation this week. WHAT?!?! She wanted a vacation!?!? How dare she!?!? Jk. She totally deserved a break from the madness… hell, I need one too.

But let me just tell ya…. for the nanny to be gone for a week… we totally had to pull in the troups (aka extended family) to make ends meet with the coverage. I had my dad picking up my daughter from preschool and putting both kids down to nap. My grandma would come do a few hours just sitting at home while the kids are napping. And of my course my mom would bring it on home in the late afternoon to cover the shift after the lil monsters wake up. Whew. The hubs did his usual shift after work and I’m usually home by 7 anyhow…. so there you have it. Can you imagine how crazy coordinating the coverage would have been if I was working full-time! Goodness! That’s only off my part-time work schedule. *sigh* It certainly takes a village.

I really gotta be thankful that I have most of my family right in the same neighborhood. I love that. Just a phone call and 3 minute car ride away.


3 thoughts on “Life without a nanny this week.

  1. It DOES take a village. We are on our own and I can’t wait till we can afford a MAID! Just someone cleaning will SAVE my NERVES! I’m sick of freaking out over every little spill. (I’m not suited for the stay at home lifestyle) Anyway Great honest post. We get so burned out sometimes!

    • omg… having a Maid is a lifesaver! (I’m willing to work extra hours just to be able to have someone clean for me) We have a cleaning lady come out… but unfortunately only once every other week. In between that… EWWW.

      • That’s what we had and WILL HAVE AGAIN SOON! I plan on making money soon so I will get to say I PAID FOR THE MAID! I think it’s silly people don’t get more help. So many people do TO much on their own and it takes away from time for your self and your family. Getting stressed out over the dirty kitchen is SO over rated!

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