Birth Photography: My experience behind the camera

I had the honor of documenting the birth of a beautiful baby girl yesterday for one of my best friends. When the topic first came up, I didn’t even think twice about whether or not I’d be comfortable in the delivery room with her. I mean, come on… we’re all women, let alone I’ve popped out two kids myself (although mine were both via cesarean). I was excited and I knew how valuable these images would be for everyone involved.

Fortunately for all of us, the BFF was scheduled to be induced, so we had some ballpark guesses on when this baby was going to debut. But oh man, when those contractions finally came – they were wiiiiiicked! Poor girl. Took it like a champ. Part of me felt a little helpless because there’s not much you could do besides let her squeeze the hell out of your hand and remind her to breathe. But her hubby was doing a lot of that. So I focused on capturing the emotion that was engulfed in that room. Besides, this was their moment. I just wanted to be quietly on the sidelines (well… I was kinda all up in the Dr’s business because I didn’t want to miss anything either!) Ha! The Doctor later said that he could probably use my images for sex-education! Guess he felt I was pretty thorough. 🙂

Anyhow, let me just say that even with all the birthing videos that I have seen… to finally see one live (and up close) was certainly emotional for me as well. I could feel my eyes start to swell and my body do a little tremble on the final push that sent the baby fully out in this world. It actually seemed surreal as I’m watching this through the lens of a camera, snapping away. It all happened so fast! One minute in the belly, and the next minute, she is laying on top – vocalizing her new voice and quite loudly! Just as no words could truly describe the experience of giving birth, it is difficult for me to fully describe what I felt from this perspective as well. The whole concept of creating another living being will always be something that I consider to be an amazing gift. Yesterday I was reminded of that gift. Yesterday I was reminded that even amongst my crazy neurotic life, I could stop my brain for a second and be right there in that moment…. and in that moment, all is well.

www.happyendingsphoto.comI’m in awe of the images that I was able to capture yesterday. I hope that I was able to provide them with a memorable piece of their lives. Its amazing how something that incurs so many different physical and emotional feelings – can still ultimately be encapsulated as simply one beautiful experience.

Even as I sit and write this now, it still seems like it didn’t really happen just yesterday. Crazy. Another little person just joined this world. No schedule. No instructions. Here we go again!

Photography by Happy Endings Photography

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