A Superlicious GIRLY Superhero Party


For V’s 4th birthday this year, I had my heart set on a superhero theme. Its all about superheroes right now, so why not do a girly pink version!? It really started out when I was shopping online and just happened to find her the cutest WonderWoman costume in metallic pink for $11 on Tanga. Score! From there, all the planning began. The centerpiece above came from a template I bought on Etsy. Kept it simple on the centerpieces on this one because there was a lot more work that went into the capes and goodies. But add a little bold colored tissue and we were good to go!


Goodness – it is hard to find girl-related superhero stuff for the goody bags! BUT! I did buy this bottle cap kit on Ebay… plus the Hello Kitty superhero bottle cap template on Etsy and the necklaces on Amazon… and BAM – a cute ass gift for all our little girly guests. For the other stuff in the goody bags/pinata – I usually stock up from the After-Halloween and After-Easter sales at Target. Can’t beat 50% off! So I already had a load of spiderman crayon sets, erasers, etc.

 VyBdayParty13-0009 VyBdayParty13-0010 VyBdayParty13-0011

The main gift to our guests were the custom capes! So I had purchased a bunch of felt by the yard through Joanna (with coupons of course!) then had them cut into capes with a template I found through Pinterest. I also found a template for the masks as well. With the scraps, we just cut out random shapes for the kids to pick from. Whenever a guest arrived, I let them pick out the color cape and logo shape… then I cut their initial freehand on adhesive felt sheets from Walmart. I did a quick hot glue gun of all the pieces and there you have it! 😉



For the goody bags themselves, I got a bunch of these 3-packs for $1 each at walmart, then ambitiously decided to freehand the Superman logo on each one with puffy fabric paint and each kid’s initial. I know… too ambitious.


For our fruit display, it was hard to think of something superhero related to carve out of a watermelon – so I kept it simple with just V’s initial and logo. Then my mom made a backdrop of buildings behind it.


Again – it was a little more challenging to do a girly version of a superhero party  as all the pinatas I found were all boy heroes! Geez. so I saw this Lollapaloosy one hanging and thought – hey, I can totally rig this! She already had cool boots on and that apron front. So we got her home and added a cape, mask and chest logo.


When I saw this photography backdrop on Etsy, I was SOLD. It was perfect! I saw different versions of ideas for homemade backdrops on Pinterest. But in all honesty, I was short on time and definitely knew we could get more use out of this backdrop for other purposes anyways.  I got some printables used throughout the party and as props in the photobooth in a set from Etsy. As you can see below, my daughter loves the photobooth. The kids had a blast!

HVT_7892  130518_183756

Lastly, for the cake design, I went with the skyscraper going all around the cake. Topped with a Hello Kitty Wonderman and it was perfect for our girly superhero party!



Ahhhh… what a success the party was. I thought superhero was probably the most fun as our adult guests got into the spirit of dressing up as well. I found my son’s shirt at Old Navy and re-used his custom cape from last Halloween. For my own outfit, I purchased a Wonderwoman tanktop on Etsy, but handmade the tulle skirt myself. For the crown, I cut out the shape on a yellow foam and glued it to a hair clip. Looking foward to recycling this theme back around in 2 years when the lil’ man turns 4. For now, it all sits boxed up in my garage. Good times. 🙂

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