Daily Schedule Series: 2 weeks old


Now this is where you see my neuroticism in full effect. This lovely color-coded excel spreadsheet sits on my fridge and in the first 12 months, gets updated almost monthly. Kinda cool if you ask me. I’ll be posting them here as part of the “Daily Schedule Series” – so you can see how an infant’s schedule evolves in that first year. For some of them, I’ll have two versions (one from when it was just V, and one from having both kids). When it was just V, I was totally taking my time in dropping the 3rd and 2nd naps. You’ll see that I was much more inclined to quickly get K’s schedule aligned with V’s so that I could have more solid free time (aka – the one household mid-day nap/escape).  I needed a solid overlap of BLUE on my chart dammit! Otherwise, seriously I was catering back and forth between the two monsters without much downtime for myself.

I know what you are thinking when you see this: “2 weeks and already on a schedule?” – Well, come on now… its definitely ball park! BUT – for the most part yes!!! By 2 weeks, I was definitely targeting feedings at specific times. And you can see in the middle column where I was pumping at very specific times that coincided with the feedings. This schedule, ties along with the feeding schedule and specific pumping times to get my milk factory going. I always pumped the same number of feeding times (which when its 8 times a day to start, is definitely a good amount to get the milk going!)

I guess I’ll need to do a separate post on how to even GET to this 2 week routine/schedule right? Because you know right out of the womb you have nothing on this baby! But in any case, I’ve started the first post in this series at the 2 week mark – only because  that’s when I started to identify some sort of routine.

*sigh* neurotic enough for you?

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