New Mommy Skill: Facepainting!

When V’s preschool sent home a letter about their upcoming carnival and inquiring for parent volunteers… I thought “FUN!!” I instantly thought that it would be a great time to take a stab at face painting!

I went over to Amazon to read some reviews on face painting kits and settled with Face Painting book by Klutz that features Wolfe brand paint. Today was my first trial with the kids – freehanded it all. They were excellent guinea pigs for my artwork and totally excited about getting painted. I was equally excited, considering the last time we were at SeaWorld, we paid $12 for just a basic design! Hmph. No more of that. Tempted to bring my kit with me next time and paint them before we even get into any darn amusement park! Ha! Take that!!

1167290_10202029041550829_140801110_oThe book had some basics and easy stuff that I’ll be able to duplicate for a group of preschoolers. But I went to Pinterest to get more of the ideas on super hero related ones for boys. Started a Face Painting Pinterest Board for it too of course!

1094494_10202029414640156_1662424572_oThe paint was so easy to use and easy to clean up. It’s water-based though, so it did start to look crazy after V was playing around the house for a bit and started sweating. But other than that, it was a good buy. The carnival is this Thursday…. Can’t wait!  Gosh, if I wasn’t so busy being the hostest with the mostest at my kids’ bday parties, I’d be sitting there doing face painting for sure. Guess all my family members are gonna score when they all have kids and parties!

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