A book for me: Go the F**k to Sleep

If you are a parent, then you know exactly what it feels like to try and get your child to go to sleep. I must say that I had it quite easy for a good 4 years for the most part! I started sleep training my kids around 3 months and from that point on… it was pretty smooth sailing. It really wasn’t until my daughter got a little older (and more verbal) that there became a little more debate and negotiation over the topic of going to bed. Still, I shouldn’t be complaining since V does get to bed in a timely manner on most days. But the difference now… its such a LOOOOOONG process. She drags it out, finding excuses to get back out of bed for one thing or another before she’s back in there for the night. And then once she is back in there, she is talking and what not…for another HOUR before she finally bores herself to sleep. It just sucks for her, because no matter what time she ends up falling asleep – I still wake her up to start her day at 8am SHARP! Which on some days, she is so tired that she gets up on the grouchy side and there goes the day. Its a neverending cycle though. *sigh*

A friend had showed me the audio book for “Go the F**k to Sleep” before and it was just what I needed! A nice laugh about this whole situation. So I’ll continue to keep chugging along at our bedtime routine. Perhaps its me who keeps wanting to hold on to the long overnight hours of sleep that a 4yr-old might not need anymore. Or maybe its because I’m still holding onto her afternoon nap – which if I let that go, then she would be more tired at night? Yikes! Let go of naptime!?/ I’m not ready for that yet either. I’ll suck up the lengthy bedtime debate with my daughter a little longer I guess.

On a side note: This book would totally be a great new parent gift!

For an additional laugh, check out this list of 6 inappropriate children’s books. πŸ™‚


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