OxiClean to the rescue!

Oh how I would love a nice new couch. We’ve had ours for probably 8 or so years. Then we remember we have Thing 1 and Thing 2… and those dreams of couch shopping quickly dissipate. *sigh* Maybe in another couple of years… after the little monsters have finished thrashing it.

So the other day, I was at my desk working on some stuff… kids are playing. I should have picked up on it sooner because the laughing and giggling got to suspicious level. OMG. I walked over to the living room and there I saw it. Red handed. My son – scribbling the hell out of the couch cushion with a GEL pen! And of course my daughter, who should definitely know better, standing there and egging him on! UGHHH. and it wasn’t just one cushion either… it was like FOUR!!!


So the best thing I thought I could do, was soak it for a while… then run it through the wash. I turned to OxiClean because it seriously works wonders. I’ve removed some nasty ass poop stains with that OxiClean!


After soaking the cushion covers in the washer for about 5 hours, I ran the wash as normal. And…. waaaaa-laaaaaa:


Excuse the poor photo quality as I didn’t think to use my actual camera for photos at the time… Just used my cell phone because I was so pissed and just wanted to vent out a mobile upload on Facebook real quick. grrrrrrrrr. I was livid that day. Just glad OxiClean saved the mess and bought us some more time out of this couch. Seriously… just a few more years… we can make it!

Anyone else have a similar product that works well on stains? Please share! We all need to stock up our arsenal for those crazy kid messes!


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