Potty training: When is the best time?

My BFF has a daughter who is 3 months younger than my son. Since I had potty trained my son at 22 months old, she was considering potty training her daughter now (especially since she is preggo and hoping to avoid double diaper duty). I directed her towards the manual that I had based my efforts on, along with my own tips, etc from my previous two experiences. She was fortunate enough to have a full week off at home with no interruptions and was ready to dedicate herself to this.

So this all took place last week, and I had her texting me for moral support and everything. I told her – don’t show any frustration to the little one! Take it all out on me! But I could sense that she was having a hard time keeping her cool (and believe me, I potty trained V when I was preggo so I remember the range of emotions that this induces). I tried to coach her through it and cheer her on, but it just didn’t seem to be working. UGH. But deep down inside I totally am a firm believer that “YOU CAN DO IT!”.

Perhaps, if I was there, I could see what she was doing wrong. Even though, she admitted to me that she was definitely letting her daughter see the frustrations and often times did the opposite of what she needed to do to make this potty training thing happen.  Gosh, if I got paid enough, I’d gladly come camp out at their house for a week and do the job myself. I’d be up for the challenge!

Towards the end of the week, my BFF posted on her Facebook status that she was giving up and would try again at a later time. As I was reading through the comments to that post, someone had said “It’s ok, she will do it when she is ready.” That statement struck me because omg – really?!?! What if she’s not ready until she’s 3 or 4!? Goodness! Are you really going to just wait around until it just magically happens on their terms? Yikes. Not in my house I guess.

When one of my friends shared how she potty trained both her kids at 22 months using the 3-Day Potty Training by Lora Jenson, I was a little skeptical. But I gotta admit, it worked. Ahhhhh.. and it feels damn good to be diaper free.

I know there is a lot of debate between when it is best to potty train.  Studies are now supporting that potty training is best between 27 to 32 months. But ultimately, you do what you are up to doing. Buckle down and attempt to do it earlier? Wait it out until they are ready? Whatever it is, I don’t personally think there is a right or wrong answer to it. Ultimately – YOU are the parent right?

Anyone care to share when and how their kid was potty trained? Any regrets or changes you would have done in retrospect?

BTW, I found a good booklist for children on the this topic of potty training. Anything to get them in the mode right?


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