Hello WordPress!

So a little over a month ago, I decided to start a blog. Fortunately, before I got too hot and heavy into it, a good friend of mine suggested that I use WordPress instead (I originally started this on Blogger). Whew. Lucky I was only about 20 posts deep, as I just spent the last couple hours re-posting and adjusting settings, etc for my new home.

In any case, I’m liking it. I tried WordPress a couple years ago to blog for our photography business, but I got really far behind and preferred to upkeep our Facebook business page instead. So that blog is somewhere amongst the cobwebs. Now that I’m back on WordPress, I see that there’s been some great user-friendly changes. Thank goodness for me, because as much as I am hip with the tech stuff, there is still a lot to learn!

Excuse me as I make myself comfortable on here. I hope that by making WordPress my homebase, my neuroticism will someday reach the masses. 😉


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